RCC is recognized for its high standards in the area of safety construction. Within RCC , we share a common belief that safety is our primary concern. By coupling client and international standards with a commitment to incorporate safety into the design and working environment, we can collectively construct and implement all works confirming to safe practices.
RCC is aware of the fact that any accident prevention safety policy depends for its effectiveness on the co-operation of the employees. The management will take adequate steps to encourage its participation at all levels in the prevention of injury and proper use of all equipment and apparel.
The RCC personal department has established a comprehensive health and safety procedure. Responsibility and authority reside with this department to provide coordination and direction on all aspects of safety, health and welfare as it applies to RCC employees. In further it is the responsibility of this department to ensure that the safety policy is rigorously implemented at subsidiary and project level. It is fully understood by employees and implemented on a properly planned basis. Safety producers instructions:
  • 1.    The keeping and maintenance of accurate accident and injury records are completed in a uniform manner throughout RCC with a view to measuring performance, maintaining control and estimating hazard potential.
  • 2.    The formulation by management, at all levels, of annual operating plans which include health and safety together with the long term plans to achieve tangible and progressive performances throughout RCC.
  • 3.    The preparation and implementation of training programs for all employees based on safe working methods and relevant statutory requirements to ensure that they process the information, knowledge and necessary understandings to carry out the responsibilities of their jobs without endangering in themselves, other people and plant equipment or product.